Renta Fija


We conduct intermediary transactions of fixed-income instruments with in-depth knowledge of the market. We are a market maker for fixed-income assets (provincial, sovereign and corporate bonds, as well as other instruments). We participate in primary and secondary markets, with the solid backing of the leading banks in the Argentine financial system.

Renta Variable


We trade stocks, options and bonds through the BYMA (Argentine Stock Exchange and Securities Market) and index futures. We have extensive experience in emerging markets, which allow us to ensure our clients the added value of our know-how in reading and understanding the market.



The interconnection with the ROFEX (Rosario Futures Market) allow us to offer the operation of foreign exchange futures and stock market index futures, either for insurance or due to expectations of price volatility.


Global Valores is among the leading traders of public and private securities, especially in the fixed-income market, according to our ranking in the two most relevant Argentine markets, the MAE (Open Electronic Market) and the BYMA (Argentine Stock Exchange and Securities Market)

capital markets

Our team of professionals has broad experience in the Origination, Structuring and Placement of Initial Public Offerings of Negotiable Bonds, Financial Trusts and Shares –issued by companies, the public sector or financial institutions– on the Argentine capital market.

For the SME sector, we offer products such as SME negotiable bonds and trading of checks guaranteed by mutual guarantee associations.

In addition, we offer financial advising to clients in Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance.

We are financial trustees registered with the National Securities Committee.

These are some of the Capital Market and Financial Advising transactions we conducted for our clients in recent years:


We offer our clients added value through our analysis and vision of the evolution of macroeconomic variables in Argentina and the region, and by specifically tracking debt issuers and publicly traded companies.

We draft weekly and monthly reports designed especially for our clients. We also develop reports on specific industries and economic sectors.

And we organize events with special guests who play an important role in the country's economy as well as talks with members of our professional staff, exclusively for our clients.

Asset Management

We offer portfolios tailored to every client's needs with regard to profitability and specific risks. We offer all the investment products available on the local and international market, for investments in both pesos and dollars. We also offer insurance products when the client's needs require them.

In addition, Global Valores is already registered as Distribution Agent for Mutual Funds, offering our clients the possibility to invest in Mutual Funds from specialized asset management companies which we have an agreement in place, through our platform , without the necessity to have an account with them.